Ian Kalmbaugh

Discover Los Angeles

TV :30 and :60




LA Tourism & Convention Board





“Los Angeles is not just a city. It’s also a magical backdrop of endless skies, urban beauty, grit and glamor that conjure up feelings every bit as special and unique as the city’s physical attractions. So for Discover Los Angeles’ latest campaign, Mistress wanted to entice travelers to see Los Angeles through a different lens and moved the brand away from traditional tourism checklist campaigns – instead creating beautiful visual metaphors that captured the emotion of an L.A. moment. Each film brings to life the mood and magic of visiting an iconic Los Angeles location and inspires travelers to come and experience something far deeper than a token selfie.” – Mistress Creative Agency

Brand films and Super Bowl Pregame Show Ad.

Directed by Floria Sigismondi.

Chill :30

Super Bowl Launch :60