Ian Kalmbaugh

About Ian

Ian Kalmbaugh is a 10+ years professional Editor in Los Angeles, California. He’s partnered with award winning teams earning a credited Clio Key Art Award, Addy Award, Vimeo Staff Pick, and a Shorty Award. Ian is also a roster member of the Local 700 Motion Picture Editors Guild.

Movember Films


Follow Your Nature


Let's Go Tomorrow (TV :30)

WSL Ping (TV :15)

Out Of Hell


Indonesia Trip

Big Days (TV :30, 60)

Uncapped Series

Strippin’s Got Game Show

Nos Nitro Mango (TV :60)


Away From Keyboard

Youtube Director

Let’s Go Crew (TV :30)

Wild Kick (TV :30)

Tech 10 Boots (TV :30)

Magic and Wonder

Lovers and Haters

Small Empires

Red Bull Insider


Love Is In The Air (TV :60)

Discover Los Angeles

This Is My Life

WSL App (TV :30)

Let's Go Determined (TV :30)

Brothers On The Run

Suzuki Speaks (TV :30)


Roadside Attractions

One of the Many Miles

Ferrari-Carano Films